Women of UX Panel

Come and hear from our distinguished panel tell how they got into the field of UX, their career progression and how being a woman has impacted their career and any struggles they have had along the way.

Innovative Mobile Research at Facebook

Mobile is often the first and only device many consumers have to connect to the Internet, especially in emerging countries and in areas with low socio-economic populations. To ensure a product is made for all users, it is important for companies to consider designing and creating for mobile first and desktop second. Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger, which are geared towards the general population, and many people use on the go, realized this shift long ago.

Beyond Words: Use Biometrics to Measure Emotion in User Research

Learn more about how emotions have been measured in the past and how new tools for measuring them are shaping the UX of the future. Designing bleeding edge experiences increasingly means creating products that are cued not only to user needs and expectations, but also to user emotional states.  As technology is drawing closer to us physically (sensors) and entering our homes in the form of IoT, it’s important to understand the emotional impact of a interaction.

Empathy at Work: Explaining the Who, What, Why and How

Empathy is a hot topic in business lately. Teams who go outside their organization to develop empathy for their customers are crafting winning products that deliver on the wants, needs, and desires of their audiences. But empathy not only plays a critical role with those we serve; it also has a vital role inside the team–collaboration is enhanced and individuals are empowered when their own needs and goals are understood.

Customer Journey Maps: Why and how UX practitioners use them or avoid them

A panel of seasoned UX practitioners bring their individual experiences to the lively topic of customer journey mapping.  Brief statements from each panelist shed light on their position, with topics including a new way to create a template for an interactive journey mapping experience, issues surrounding different parts of an organization using the same words to mean different things around visualizing customer experience, to techniques for creating this visualization technique with a co-located team, to the value of using the technique for visualizing workflows for a mobile app, and, on t

Automotive User Interface Design: Innovative UI design in a slow moving industry ... I mean seriously slow!

Have you ever noticed how dated the interface looks on your brand new car? Skeumorphic was so cool back when the design team actually created it. How sad it’s not flat like your new smart watch.

A panel of experts will discuss the challenges of designing cool, high-tech digital user interfaces for automobiles that people want to keep forever but be as cool as their latest tech gadget.