Research Tools You Never Try - Now You Can!

St. Helens

Online/digital research tools have proliferated over the last decade. It's hard to know if a tool can help you solve a research question unless you use it directly.

Barriers get in the way of trying new tools, including:

  • knowing which tools are the right fit for your need(s)
  • wading through marketing messages
  • time and costs to pilot
  • the risk of a tool not yielding the results you need

That's why you need this Collaboration Session!

Experienced researchers will provide walk-thru demonstrations of online and digital tools they've used, showing data and results from actual research projects and providing their authentic opinions about each tool. No representatives from the tool providers will give demos--only real design researchers!

We'll discuss:

  • tool strengths and weaknesses
  • learning curves, ease of use
  • type and value of results

You'll leave with a short list of online/digital tools you're ready try.

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