Customer Experience & User Experience - is the union greater than the sum of the parts?

Vashon 1 and 2

This presentation will bring to focus CX & UX disciplines and the synergies in their approach to solving customer problems. We will talk about a model where CX & UX disciplines will need to work together through shared processes and deliverables. The cooperation and coexistence of the groups allows for unifying experiences for customers across multiple channels and devices. There are internet retailers that carry your cart status across multiple devices, now imagine it’s a retailer with a brick and mortar along with a digital presence that can carry your cart across all of those channels. The union of CX & UX teams organizationally or from a process and deliverables standpoint can be beneficial for the two groups and the business. We will present the story of UX and CX groups coming together within our company to create organizational change to be focused on customers.

Session Details