Automotive User Interface Design: Innovative UI design in a slow moving industry ... I mean seriously slow!

Vashon 1 and 2

Have you ever noticed how dated the interface looks on your brand new car? Skeumorphic was so cool back when the design team actually created it. How sad it’s not flat like your new smart watch.

A panel of experts will discuss the challenges of designing cool, high-tech digital user interfaces for automobiles that people want to keep forever but be as cool as their latest tech gadget.

The panel will include: 1) a human factors expert with years of experience evaluating automobile cockpits among other things, 2) a user interface design consultant with decades of experience designing everything from cockpits to farm tractors, 3) an automotive industry insider with years of HMI strategy experience, and finally, 4) a cognitive psychologist with significant industry experience.

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